Adventure story about a coming of age event in young man's life. Charlie tells of his first duck hunt.



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This is a book about Dick Juge's growing up in the Coast Guard as a young man in the 50s.. It was written in 2007 to celebrate his shipmates 50th anniversary of their finding a deep water route from Seattle eastward to New York in 1957. This book encompasses his entire four year tour of duty.


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Peter Juge, Dick's deceased brother, wrote several books. 'Come Taste The Wine' is mostly an adventure story of his married life traveling the world for the US Foreign Service and later as an executive with Mobile Oil. Also he later wrote 'A Charmed Life' about his focus on his career. Another he wrote was 'The European Brigade' fictional novel about a fact based event in New Orleans during the Civil War. It explains the influence of Europeans living there at that time.

Randy Juge, Dick's first cousin, wrote about his Army service as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. His book is a nice read. 'To Nam and Back' is its title.